I am not a typical politician who rambles for hours, without making points of useful value. I get to the point, and shoot straight. Quickly, you will know who I am and what my values are.

As a young 18 year old, I was fortunate enough to land a good paying job in the railroad industry, where I worked for 20 years. I was taught early on not to waste time and to communicate directly and straightforward. I still practice these principles today.

I believe in the vision of our Founding Fathers and in the Judeo-Christian values that they referenced in our foundational documents. Our rights are God given, not bestowed upon us by a "state" nor anyone else. Upon those concepts, the most powerful nation and prosperous economy of the world came to be.

Experiments in Socialism have failed every time. The Iron Curtain and the Cold War ended because Socialism cannot ever compete with freedom.

There are those who are slow to learn these obvious truths. There are still those who are hard at work, still trying to champion Socialism. They wish to rob our precious country and its citizens of our God given rights. They wish to turn all power over to the the altar of "Big Government" and huge multi-national businesses that have neither a love of, nor respect for this special place called "America".

As these destructive forces continue to grow, the average working family is being crushed. Our quality of life continues to be stressed, as taxes and overbearing government control, bureacracy and interference, makes pursuing the American dream harder and harder. Taxation increases, while big business does all it can to export jobs and reduce pay.

The middle class is in danger of extinction. Soon, there will be only two classes of people in California and across the nation... the very rich or the very poor.

My candidacy is an effort to reform these alarming trends. The middle class is the back bone of our society. Without preserving them, our entire society will decline.

I am committed to support traditional family units as the most valuable structure in our society. I will fight big government and big business on your behalf. Families and their well being, both economically and by all standards will be my most important objective as your elected official.

I welcome your support and your vote!

Your Friend and Servant,

Jim King

Candidate President of the United States
American Independent Party
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